Dr. Anand Sivadasan

I had the most amazing oppurtunity of getting accepted for the cosmetic surgery fellowship at IdB and it was the single most best experience of my life. Apart from getting to be a part of one the best facial aesthetics team in the world , i had the chance of experiencing breast, body contouring and other non surgical cases as well. The institute has a great team of genuises and with Dr Javier de Benito at the helm its a great place for learning and operating. The medical group and everyone at the institute are very humble and friendly and very keen in helping you out. Even as i go to my next fellowships in Istanbul and London after this , I dont think i would be experiencing what i enjoyed in Barcleona. This is nothing short of family away from home for me and i believe they have a huge impact in my career.

January 1st to March 31st.